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Big Finish . . .

The Annual Meeting's final event was a Saturday 
evening dinner cruise on San Diego Bay.


boat9b.jpg (22035 bytes)   boat8b.jpg (45871 bytes)

Waiting to board the sightseeing boat
 was a bit of a mob scene, but at least 
there were a few cops around to direct traffic.

 boat12b.jpg (38340 bytes)    boat3b.jpg (74487 bytes)       

Finding a seat was a scramble, but there were two decks, upper
and lower. Naturally the former officers and senior NCOs headed upstairs.

     boat10b.jpg (24645 bytes)    boat4c.jpg (67462 bytes)     boat6b.jpg (67337 bytes)   boat11b.jpg (41897 bytes)

But the really party crowd was down in the bilges on the lower deck.

boat2b.jpg (63441 bytes)   boat5c.jpg (64064 bytes)   boat1b.jpg (61204 bytes)

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