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The Howard Redd Memorial Golf Tournament 

This year the tournament was held the Air and Sea Golf Course at 
North Island Naval Station on lovely Coronado Island.

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San Diego Chapter
meets to plan golf tourney

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   The course            The players             More players        The Big Prize

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Gather together for the announcement of Airman of the Month . . . ooppps, different meeting.

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Gentlemen, start your engines!

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Why do I always have to be last???

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Advice was easy to find, and worth
about what they paid for it.

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There was also a lot of discussing, some cussing, onlooking and Don even took time to 
autographed his balls, which isn't as easy as you might imagine. 

And the winners were . . .

       golf25b.jpg (37951 bytes)  golf26b.jpg (41858 bytes)   golf27b.jpg (39494 bytes)
             Low Gross and           Low Net          Closest to the pin and
                            putting contest                                  longest drive - men                   

          golf28b.jpg (32552 bytes)      golf29b.jpg (36682 bytes)       
              Most Accurate        Longest Drive - Women   

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contact Tom Utts at

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