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Saturday BBQ

In May 2004 instead of meeting at the Admiral Baker Golf Club House accepted Don and Jean Dimmick's invitation to come to the beautiful Bonita home for a afternoon barbeque. 

From left to right . . . oh forget it, just know that it was a jolly good group.  Don is the one sporting the familiar blue beret, and Jean is the love lady in the yellow blouse sitting on the right.


 (Left:) In the center Allan Rapaport, Chapter VP and Richie Houston. (Right:) Unfortunately for the 
chapter Frank and blank Urban will soon be saying goodbye after he retires from the Border 
Patrol, the couple will be moving to Las Vegas . . . can you say: Road Trip! 

Left: Jack Fry, Don Dimmick, Johnny Charfauros and Richie Houston 
enjoy a moment of solemn reflection.


 Right: The meeting was also a chance to meet four new prospective member: 
(Left:) Prospective members Ron Gallagher and Jim Hill with Tom Iverson. 
(Right:) Gordy Brooke and Howard Gale with Jean Dimmick.



 After holding a quick business meeting, everyone got down to the 
serious business . . .  of food!


Gotta get some of Don Dimmick's home cooked beans!

Springtime in San Diego -- doesn't get any better than that.