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  Ronald J. Terry
             San Diego Chapter



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Sunday Special  in 2003

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History of AFSPA

AFSPA  was  formed  following  an  informal  reunion of  largely  Security Police/Air Police  retirees  held  in  Las Vegas,  Nevada,  in  June  1986. 
The Association  was  incorporated  as a not-for-profit  corporation under 
the laws of Texas. Headquarters was established in San Marcos, Texas.

From its inception the  Association  determined it would not be limited to retirees but would be open to all who are, or had been, in the AAF Military  Police,  USAF Air or Security  Police career  field  --  regular, reserve, Air National Guard,  serving, served, or retired.  Since  1987  the  association has held annually  meeting.  In 1995 it achieved a  long-term goal of  2,000 members.

  • To provide a professional setting in which to continue the heritage of the Security Police 
    career field
  • Document the history of the Security Police career field 
  • Aggressively pursue new members and create more chapters 
  • Provide a regional job networking program as the Active Force transitions follow the 
    USAF restructure
  • Continue our excellent relations with the Active and Air Reserve Forces to meet the 

   San Diego Chapter

      The San Diego chapter of  AFSPA  was formed  in  1997 under  the guiding hands of Tom Foster and  Ronald J. Terry.  In 2002  the chapter hosted  the  annual  meeting of  the   National  Convention.   During  the planning of the meeting  the  chapter  suffered the tragic loss of its first president Ron Terry who died after a short illness. Subsequently, 
chapter members voted  unanimously to rename the chapter: 
The Ronald J. Terry San Diego Chapter

Membership in the San Diego chapter includes two categories: 
         1) Full membership is open to those who meet the national guidelines stated 

         2) Associate membership ship is open to all members of the Unites State Armed Forces, active, retired, or prior service, and is not limited to the law enforcement career field. Associate membership is also offered 
to people who are active or former members of all civilian law enforce- ment career fields. 

        The chapter meets on the third Saturday of each month at Admiral Baker Field on the golf course Club House patio at 9:30 AM.  Meetings last no more than one and a half hours. If you are a fan of the ancient sport of St. Andrews bring your golf clubs, in case a tee time is available. For more information, call: Tom Foster (760) 438-0643 or Allan Rappoport (858) 560-9255.


       AFSPA Ron Terry chapter member outside the entrance of the Admiral
          Baker Golf Course Club House. More meeting pictures 
click here.

16th Annual AFSPA Meeting in San Diego

     The 2002 AFSPA Annual Meeting August 22-24 was hosted by 
San Diego. For more information and pictures click Annual Meeting 
link on left.